Identifying a Reliable Health and Safety Consultancy

Health and Safety / By WG Safety Identifying a Reliable Health and Safety Consultancy

Recently, the Health And Safety Consultancy Executive prosecuted a self-employed health and safety consultant for providing “inadequate and flawed” advice to businesses. When an organisation has questions or concerns about employee health and safety, it may consult an outside agency or professional for assistance. What are the risks and possible outcomes, why is this topical as the country emerges from lockdown, and how should a business choose a health and safety consultant?

The role that health and safety consultants play in your company is crucial. They aid in keeping your employees, customers, and visitors safe, lowering risks and keeping you in compliance with laws and ordinances. Choose wisely when looking for a health and safety consultant. A mistake could derail your team’s progress and make it impossible to meet your health and safety goals.

It’s essential to consider several factors when searching for and choosing a consultant for health and safety issues.

Do they have the appropriate credentials to do the job?

Verifying credentials is crucial (licenses, degrees, certificates, etc.). You may need to show records showing that a third party acting on your behalf is adequately qualified or competent to satisfy your legal obligations as an employer.

Can they show their knowledge and experience through a portfolio of projects?

Asking questions like “were deadlines met?” can help you focus on the most important issues. Was there an unexpected cost? Did they make any helpful suggestions? How did they get along with other employees? Plus, you must know everything else about communicating with your staff and upper management.

Are there references from previous customers you can contact?

You can rest assured that you’ve chosen the right service provider by reaching out to their previous customers and confirming the consultant’s expertise, professionalism, and ability to deliver results.

Are the appropriate coverages in place?

Inquire for certification verification and make sure the provider complies.

  • The Process of Choosing a consultant

A good health and safety consultant will be well-versed in the threats facing your company and industry. They’ll likely give you sound advice if they have experience in the same field as you (production, service, building, etc.).

The regulations require businesses to have a qualified employee assist in health and safety matters. A competent individual possesses the necessary abilities, understanding, and experience to oversee safety operations. When hiring a consultant or adviser from outside the company, it’s essential for management to verify that their choice is qualified, appropriate, and able to deliver the desired results.


A reputable Health And Safety Consultancy in Cannock wouldn’t take offence to being asked for evidence of their expertise, so they should be more than happy to oblige any reasonable request. Take the time and make the necessary investments to ensure that you do not have to consider damage limitation measures should something go wrong with your health and safety programme, as this affects many different parts of your business and can have a significant impact on your organisation’s reputation if it is not managed and implemented effectively.

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