Fire Risk Assessments: Why It’s So Important

Fire Risk Assessments / By WG Safety Fire Risk Assessments: Why It’s So Important

Here at WG Safety, we specialise in offering health and safety, and environmental consultancy across the UK, from our base in Cannock, Staffordshire. As part of our services, we provide our customers with fire risk assessments. Today we will be focussed on why fire risk assessments are so important, whether an office or commercial building, a warehouse, leisure centre or school. Read on to find out more.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment? 

A fire risk assessment involves a thorough inspection of the premises and the people that use them. It is a preventative measure, whereby we can understand the potential fire risks, before working to improve the fire safety precautions in the building. If you think about the worst that could happen when a fire breaks out, it helps to put into perspective the importance of fire risk assessments, which can potentially save lives, as well as the contents of the building. Many businesses that suffer from fires are never the same again, so the best fire prevention begins with understanding the existing risks. Typically, a fire risk assessment will first start by identifying the fire hazards and the people at risk. Next, we need to evaluate, remove or reduce the risks. Lastly, we record the findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide any necessary training.

Fire Safety First 

By using a fire risk assessment service, we will be able to review the fire risks and make sure you can comply with any necessary fire safety measures. Fire risk assessments form a vital part of an occupational health and safety management plan. They help to create awareness of hazards and risk at the highest level, so that this can be communicated to everyone. They also identify who may be at risk, including staff, contractors, visitors, the public, and so on.

As many businesses are complex, with a magnitude of fire risks, our fire risk assessors with over 20 years’ experience of fire assessment work, can carry out a fire risk assessment giving you a clear and concise action plan summary, as well as all the technical details in the main body of the risk assessment report.

Taking Responsibility

For all commercial buildings, warehouses and public spaces the need to carry out a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement. It is therefore a legal duty to identify fire risks and hazards in your premises and take appropriate action. Every building legally requires a fire risk assessment that is not a private home. Risk assessments should be reviewed regularly, especially if significant changes have taken place.

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