EHS Auditing: What is it?

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Having regular audits is an important part of maintaining business standards and reducing hazards in any size company. There is an important set of regulations and standards that a business must adhere to to ensure EHS management is effective.

So, what is EHS auditing? It stands for Environmental Health and Safety and assesses the environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards are all in line with a business’s daily operations. Through these assessments, the business EHS management strengths and weaknesses can be identified, and a structured approach for any improvements can be applied.

Here at WG Safety, we provide environmental health and safety auditing for a range of different industry sectors. Read on to find out more about what our services offer.


An important part of providing our environmental health and safety auditing Cannock services is efficient and accurate, is to prepare the business before our auditors come on site. This is standard practice for EHS auditing and involves the preparation of information and preparing a suitable schedule for all parties. This is also a time to discuss any EHS management systems that are in place, preparing the management team to be prepared for assisting through the process.

Environmental Health And Safety Auditing

EHS Audit

Our EHS auditing services Cannock teams are fully trained to provide comprehensive EHS assessments for a range of sectors, including Food Production, Automotive, Warehousing and Transport, Foundries and more. If you are unsure whether your business sector is applicable to our services, our team is always available to discuss your business. Our services ensure that on the day we visit the business site, our environmental health and safety auditors Cannock team have fully briefed your audit team of what to expect, ensuring all parties are fully prepared for the entire process.

We always strive to give every client simple instruction and support to get the best out of our services so your business can have the most thorough assessment. It is important that our auditing process comes to the most accurate conclusion, giving clear guidance on any future improvements.


Once our team has completed an EHS audit, we will provide a detailed report for your team to help understand their performance. It will point out insufficiencies in your EHS program, which will need re-assessment and an update of policies and procedures. Any areas where you do not fully meet compliance will require correction action.

Our report will highlight concise details on the weaknesses and strengths, explaining the specification actions needed to meet regulatory compliance. You can contact us for any clarification needed after the report. Overall, EHS Audits will help with maintaining or improving EHS management, reducing hazards and maintaining standards and should be conducted at least once a year.

For more information on our EHS auditing services with WG Safety, please get in contact with our team.

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